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Windsor High School (Connecticut)
Windsor High School is a public high school located in Windsor, Connecticut. This school serves students from 9th through 12th from the City Of Windsor, which is part of the Hartford County.[1]

Founded in the early 17th century Windsor High School was one of the first secondary level schools in the state.[citation needed]
2009 Student Enrollment: about 1500[
White Enrollment (%): 38.7%
State average from 1107 schools: 65.1%
Black Enrollment (%): 48.9%
State average from 1107 schools: 15.5%
Hispanic Enrollment (%): 8.5%
Windsor High School: 8.5%
State average from 1107 schools: 15.6%
Asian Enrollment (%): 3.9%
This school: 3.9%
State average from 1107 schools: 3.4%
American Indian Enrollment (%): 0.09%
Windsor High School: 0.09%
State average from 1107 schools: 0.39%
CAPT 2007 Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) Statistics - Mathematics (10th Grade): Students tested : 341
Average Scale Score: 248.3
Windsor High School: 248.3
State average from 191 schools: 245.5
Scoring Below Basic (%): 10.3%
Here: 10.3%
State average from 191 schools: 11.7%
Scoring Proficient (%): 76.5%
This school: 76.5%
State average from 191 schools: 74.3%
Scoring Advanced (%): 16.1%
Here: 16.1%
State average from 191 schools: 17.2%
In 2009 the Windsor High School boys basketball team was state champions in the LL division.
The 2008 & 2004 Windsor Warriors football team were Champions in the CCC West division.
Presently, the Windsor High School football team has seven players playing collegiate ball.
Windsor High School is part of the Class LL division for athletics. It is also part of the CCC-West division. Sports available inlclude: Cross-country (women, men), swimming (women, men), football (men), soccer (women, men), volleyball (women), cheerleading (women, men), wrestling (women, men), track (women, men), lacrosse(women, men), field hockey (women) and tennis(women,men).[3] [4]

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